“Thank you so very, very much for the  Arensky CD! This healthy romantic literature I had not known before. You have performed a great service in bringing it to light..........you play so totally musically! It is a splendid recording !
- Dominique-Rene de Lerma                                                                                                                       Professor of Music - Lawrence University

“Piano virtuoso Richard  Alston had wrapped the audience around all ten of his flying fingers.”

- Sally Young,

Classical New Jersey

"Alston made a compelling case for this music, which calls for all the keyboard virtuosity for which Hummel was celebrated.
-  The Star Ledger 

"Pianist employs grace, intelligence in recital" (Headline)

"...Outgoing, warm and exciting. Music seems to pervade his very body. When he performs, the infectious love of music is immediately transmitted... Plays with sensitivity, lyricism, as well as virtuosity."
- Betty Allen

"Alston makes music in a most natural way, totally without affectation. He has a fine technique at his disposal. His execution of the pieces at hand showed that he had original ideas."
- NY Amsterdam News

 "North American Richard Alston's performance has a beautiful sound, sensitivity and solid technique which has made this a stupendous musical evening."
- Victor Burrel,

Cinco Dias, Spain

“Samuel Coleridge - Taylor’s Petite Suite de Concert......has a finale that Alston dashed off with the panache to make it a sure crowd-pleaser, it was in the slow movement that we learned of the pianist’s artistry. It would be so easy to turn it into sentimental salon music. But Alston emphasized the unpredictable harmonies, brought out inner voices expressively, and finaly produced a most delicate ending.”

- Classical New Jersey

 "An electrical music presence who brought assurance, brio, unflappability and unfailing eloquence to the proceedings. Somehow 'Maestro Alston 'sounds just right."
- The Star Ledger (NJ)

 "Pianist Richard Alston performs impeccably. His sympathetic approach allows characterization of the individual works, providing all the time a sense of stylistic unity to this diverse collection."
- Journal of the American Liszt Society

"His playing of the Grieg Concerto was astonishing. This talent continued with tremendous momentous...the audience understood Richard Alston's great talent and accomplishment and gave the young man a standing ovation."
- The Chautauquan Daily

“Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6 .........Mr. Alston once again exhibited his solid technique and musical discernment from the opening declamation to the ending fiery octave passages. He is a formidable musical narrator, for he has a discerning grasp of both the large and small musical pictures.”
- Classical New Jersey

Richard Alston




"Please accept my enthusiastic congratulations and gratitude for your exceptional performance at the Celebration of Dr. King on Sunday evening. Your artistry was truly exceptional and I am very pleased that we all had the opportunity to hear you perform."
- Joseph W. Polisi,
President, The Juilliard School

“ Thank you for  the beautiful  music......at Gracie Mansion.  Everyone greatly enjoyed the selections.....You  help to make a special  evening even  more  memorable. Your talent is truly a gift.

- Rudolph W. Giuliani

“…Alston’s performance has a beautiful sound, sensitivity and solid technique…” 
- Cinco Dias, Spain 

“…lyricism as well as virtuosity.” 
- Betty Allen, famed NYC Opera mezzo-soprano